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Causes of leaking anal glands

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    This question comes up often. Why is my dog having anal gland problems? People also want to know what they can do to prevent it. In order to understand how to prevent anal gland problems it is important to understand the first question of what causes anal gland problems. For many pets there can be one or multiple factors contributing to their anal gland issues.
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    Anal Gland Problems In Dogs

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    Anal Gland Problems In Dogs - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment - Pure Pet Food

    Dogs can smell like many things, depending on what they have most recently rolled in, but one of the more unpleasant aromas dogs commonly develop is one of fish. If your dog smells like fish, it is probably not because he figured out how to spray himself with Eau de Sardine. A fishy odor is usually the result of secretions from the anal glands. These sacs are full of specialized sweat glands that produce an unpleasant smelling secretion that acts as a scent marker for your dog. When your dog poops, these secretions pass onto the feces, letting other dogs know important chemical information about your dog. Anal gland secretions have a distinct smell that many people describe as fishy.
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    What Causes Anal Gland Problems in Dogs?

    The secreted substance is normally an oily, brownish fluid that packs a strong odor. Liquid held inside the sac is usually expelled when a dog defecates, but if this does not occur on a regular basis, the material inside thickens, which makes it harder to pass. Then you see your dog scooting his bum on the ground or licking around the area.
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    No need for a trip to the vet. We show you how to express your dog's anal glands at home. I was taught this method by a vet, so it is a veterinary approved method to empty your dog's anal glands. It is what is known as the external method, as opposed to the internal method of anal gland emptying, which can be slightly trickier and more invasive.
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